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Support Us

The achievements of this foundation are the results of the combined effort of every individual. We need help and support in order for the foundation to run smoothly and achieve its goal.

You can help at Sakya Monlam prayer festival by donating money for food, vehicles for delivery, transportation for kitchens and Rinpoches. You can also donate money for offerings for the monks. Other projects such as the Lamdre Dictionary project, the Sakya monastic school books project, Sakya winter debate (Rik-Gter Dgun-Choe), and others, still require your support.


Main Sponsor

$ 291672 /Full donation

The actual expense for a day is US $ 29167 but If you want to become the main sponsor of The 27th Great Sakya Monlam for Universal Peace & Harmony you may either fund the full expense if possible (i.e US $ 29167) or you could choose any amount between US $ 24480 to US $ 29167. You will have our eternal thanks and a special place at our festival.

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