Educational Development

In order to restore Buddha Dharma to its rightful place in the society, education is of crucial importance. The Sakya Monlam Foundation has the education of the sakya monks as one of its major priorities. At an audience sought by the Governing Council and the Executive Committee of Sakya Monlam Foundation with His Holiness the 41st Sakya Trizin, the supreme head of the Sakya order of Tibetan Buddhism, His Holiness stressed the need for such a universal Sakya organization to provide assistance to the Sakya monasteries. Later on, the Governing Council convened a meeting to discuss the counsel of His Holiness and came to a unanimous decision of promoting the education of the Sakya monks in different Sakya monasteries.
His Eminence RatnaVajra Rinpoche, the eldest and celestial son of His Holiness the 41stSakya Trizin also made great inputs for the proposed educational drive to be spearhead by the Sakya Monlam Foundation. His Eminence RatnaVajra Rinpoche is the inspiration behind theidea of an educational curriculum from the rudimentary level in Sakya monastic education system with standardized course books. The foundation will spare no effort for a comprehensive common curriculum for the Sakya monastic education system. To that end, concerned personalities from different monasteries will be convened for discussions and exchange of ideas. Scholarly debates will be arranged for the framework of the educational curriculum and standardized course books. Drafting the educational curriculum, course books and steacher training are also notable parts of our mission education for the monks of Sakya monasteries.

The complete Monlam Tibetan Dictionary project:
This is a project that covers the entire gamut of Tibetan Buddhism, history, education and customs. Under the patronage of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism are collaborating in a first of its kind to provide explanation of terms specific to a particular sect. As a result, a Sakya Editorial Board was set-up for that purpose with funding from The Sakya Monlam Foundation. This is not a temporary arrangement for this project alone; but will serve as a permanent group for gathering rare texts and retrieving missing parts of the treatise. It will also edit, compile and distribute works of present-day scholars.
For the restoration of Tibetan Buddhism and the wellbeing of numerous individuals everywhere, in addition to the growth of monasteries and monks, study of Dharma must be instituted in schools and other centers of learning at large in the society. Therefore, we seek to launch an Introduction to Dharmain the society by inviting eminent Lamas and scholars to talk to the laity.
In the monasteries, the young monks studying at the elementary level will be responsible for preserving the Dharma, for maintaining it and for spreading it in the future. Therefore, the formal educations of the young monks are very crucial for nurturing them and turning them into teachers and leaders of tomorrow. For that to happen, the abovementioned educational curriculums and course books in our Education policy must be properly researched and improvised to gain maximum benefit. In order to raise a competent teaching pool, professional teachers and monks with able teaching-skills will be trained through workshops, trained teachers will also be provided to monasteries with deficiency in their faculty strength