About us

Our Mission

Sakya Monlam Foundation is a non-profit NGO established solely for religous cultural reasons. It is instituted for the purpose of organizing annual Sakya Monlam Prayer Festivals. The goals of the Foundation are to promote peace and harmony in every corners of the world, to restore Buddhism to its rightful status, and thus strive in service of Buddha Dharma.

On the advice of His Holiness the 41stSakya Trizin, the supreme head of the Sakya order of Tibetan Buddhism, who is our refuge and patron, the Foundation decided to oversee and monitor the educational development of monks in Sakya monasteries, it will also conduct awareness campaigns for understanding Buddhism to the society at large and will strive for preservation of the environment.
True to our mission statement above, the Foundation will struggle to set up educational centers, launch campaigns to rope in scholars and high lamas to introduce Buddha Dharma in the society. The foundation will also strive to preserve the environment and spread awareness through means inherent in our Buddhist tenets.
We aim to set up a Sakya Editorial Board to facilitate a stream of publications to promote Tibetan culture. We aim to conduct workshops and debates for the teachers and the students of Sakya monasteries everywhere. Just as drops of water makes the mighty ocean, we seek to convert whatever donations of the faithful to people-friendly projects so as to make the best contribution to the society at large.